Hembeer 201 Smart Watch

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Make every beat count with a fitness wristband built with HembeerĀ® heart rate, multi-sport modes, guided breathing sessions & interchangeable bands.

Heart rate, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen

Fully use of acceleration sensor and heart rate sensor in every exercise to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen such data to help you stay on a healthy condition when you are in high intensity exercise.

*This function is for reference only and can not be used for medical data

Weather, Altitude, Air Pressure, UV

Unlimited movement, whenever necessary, with this bracelet you can handle everything. App will transfer data to the watch so you can check the altitude, pressure, weather. Providing a complete data report, it will always pay attention to your outdoor environment, to help you exercise worry-free.

*To use this feature you need to connect to the app

GPS Movement Trajectory

After connected to the phone, open the running function in APP, APP will record your GPS trajectory.

Accurately record miles per mile, calorie data, and after exercise the data will be stored so that you can easily check.

Bigger Storage, Bigger Touch Screen is better

Larger display area, 8pieces of information stored. Calls, SMS, APP message directly display, weather, watchface lift your hand to have a glance. The bracelet supports vibration so you can receive important message at onece.

Removeable Straps

Multi color-mixed straps suitable for different occasions, easy and convenient, you can change it whenever you need.

Multi Sport Mode 

Basketball mode, badminton mode, mountaineering mode, swimming mode, running mode, riding mode, table tennis mode, Football mode

Product Parameter

- Model: Hembeer Smartband H4

- Platform Nordic: NRF51822

- Battery:130mAh built-in battery

- Main Screen: 0.96 inch OLED display

- Bluetooth Push Support (Caller, SMS Messenger, app news reminders)

- Heart Rate Detection Support (Second-generation dynamic heart rate monitoring, all-day monitoring of your heartbeat)

-Pedometer Support (Exercise step, calorie consumption, movement mileage record)

- Sleep Monitoring Support

- Call alert Support

- Bluetooth Features and Versions Bluetooth 4.0

-Vibrating Motor Support

Blood pressure Support

- Blood oxygen Support

Package list:

1*  H4 Smart Bracelet

1* Charging Cable

1* User Manual (Chinese / English)